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Why Improve Speaking Skills?

Speak By Design recognizes that the better you speak, the more confidence you exude. And the more confidence you show, the more likely you are to be viewed by others as a leader of strength.

  • Learn a transformational process for strong communication
  • Better speakers tend to get better results
  • Sharpen your voice to help you generate leads and close sales

A Course Created By Game Changers

Learn from an all-star team of accomplished speakers

Jeff Goldblatt

Jeff Goldblatt:

3-Time Emmy Award Winner and longtime, former Fox News Correspondent who provides a fresh take on a timeless and essential skill.

Michelle O'Neil

Michelle O’Neil

Michelle May O’Neil has 25 years of experience in litigation related to family law matters including divorce, child custody, and complex property division.

Edwin Britt

Edwin Britt:

ZZI President of Sales. Edwin has taught sales teams from Madison Avenue to Madison, Wisconsin how to master the art of earning trust and driving sales.

Michael Newman

Michael Newman:

President and CEO of ZZI. Serial entrepreneur. Renowned speaker, thought leader and the voice of the new ZZI podcast, Ziglar Edge.

Training Checklist

Present with poise and professionalism in any setting and every stage

Eliminate those distracting, verbal habits of “uh, you know, I mean…”

Learn how to shift all attention away from you and divert to your audience

Develop confidence so your butterflies fly in formation

Learn how to use communication to improve your closing ratio and increase your team value

Add fundamental speaking skills which can enhance your career and improve your life

Learn how to think “on your feet” during a meeting or in front of a crowd

Learn critical conversation skills and how to use language to uncover needs