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What are the benefits of sales training?

More likely to meet and/or exceed previous sales quotas

Lower sales force turnover and internal sales coaching

Better alignment to customer needs and product solutions.

Importance of sales training

According to Harvard business Review, “no other productivity investment comes close to [sales] coaching in improving the reps’ performance.” (source) When your sales team feels like you are investing in them, they will raise their skills, expectations and productivity. Sales performance coaching will give you the sales edge that your team deserves.

Not everyone is a born sales personality. Many people need to develop better sales skills. Some sales team leaders focus on the top ten to twenty percent, but the best sales training will focus on the ‘solid middle.’ The solid middle is the 60% that lands between the top 20% and the bottom 20%.

The top 20% are already performing and may see training as below them. Yet, they must be primed to the sales training program and leave their egos at the door. The bottom 20% have little desire to grow in their sales skills. They may not be well suited for their position, but only with the impact of sales training could they rise to the solid middle or even the top sales earners.

With the right sales training program, morale will increase as the team comes together to learn the best practices and sales strategies. This improves conversations and allows the team to grow and develop as a unit. When everyone is participating in the growth of your sales organization, the level of leadership in the group rises exponentially.

Why do sales teams need sales training?

Improved communication

Do you want a skilled team who knows what to say and when to say it, or do you want a sales team who is just ‘winging it?’ When a sales team learns different methodologies of sales, they are empowered to produce better results and meet sale quotas more regularly. When a objectives of sales training lines up with your sales goals, sales communication skills are improved within the entire team.

Improved Closings

Do you want a team who gets lucky in closing sales or do you want a team that is given multiple sales strategies to close your customers better? There are a lot of sales courses and sales books on closing, but what if they could be personally tailored to your team? With the best sales training, your team will learn the solid closings that work specifically for your business so you can better reach your goals..

Improved Quotas

Do you want a team who barely reaches their quotas or a sales team that exceeds their quotas? Too many sales teams lack the motivation to go beyond their current numbers. With the right sales training program, your team will learn to overcome their pre-set barriers and create larger quotas. Imagine a team that keeps grinding even after they have hit their quota for the month, the week or even the day?

What does the best sales training system look like?

Our trademark sales training system has been used in Fortune 500 companies as well as small startups in our local area.  Our goal is to define the gap in your sales organization and give you a process to follow to build your sales team success.

We focus on three areas of sales training:

Sell Customer Solutions

We start with your understanding of your customer and give you a bird’s eye view from outside of your organization.  Do you have a product/personality focused sales team?  A foundational understand of customers and their needs is the first key in any sales success.

Create a Solid Sales Process

We assess your entire sale process from leads to closing to follow-up.  Do you have a detailed sales process that you know by heart? A foundational process helps build rapport, and subsequently, uncovers information about what is working and what is not working.

Build Customer Trust

We teach sales skills specifically geared towards your team to bring you the best sale results.  Are you getting customers that are loyal to your business?  People buy based on their feelings, motives, and beliefs. Not yours. A fundamental understanding of this crucial paradigm marks the key difference between the good sales reps and the great ones.

Each of our sales trainings include:

  • Customized coursework delivered by our top-tier trainers
  • Learn a transformational, time-tested processes
  • Build value, generate leads and close sales

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