Air Force Academy Visit

We get to visit super cool places at Zig Ziglar International.  Traveling comes with the job when you’re working to build champions and transform lives from success to significance.

ZZI President of Sales Edwin Britt and ZZI Performance Consultant Jeff Goldblatt joined me on an unforgettable trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado where we visited the U.S. Air Force Academy.  And the Falcons rolled out the welcome mat for ZZI.

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The visit started with a tour of campus.  The new Center for Character & Leadership Development is as impressive a building as you will ever see.

We also got to see the Falcons Football team take the field in an annual rivalry game against Colorado State.  The game was high-scoring with all kinds of excitement. Talk about a shootout! Air Force outlasted the Rams 49-46.  The Falcons quarterback, Nick Stevens, threw for 374 yards.  Falcons RB Timothy McVeigh ran for FOUR touchdowns!!!  After the game, the Academy invited ZZI into the locker room to help the team celebrate.  It was memorable!! It was AMAZING!!! We’re still drying off from the celebration.

Special thanks to Associate Athletic Director Mitch Mann who facilitated the visit.  He’s a class act all the way.  We met Mitch originally at the State Fair of Texas in October.  The Falcons happened to be in Dallas to play New Mexico at the Cotton Bowl.  The Ziglar Edge podcast was broadcasting at the Fair and asked the Fair to bring a guest on the show.  They invited Mitch.  We knew very little about Mitch until he showed up for the broadcast. Turns out he’s a HUGE Zig Ziglar fan and that he grew up listening to Mr. Ziglar through his father.  Mitch- who is in his 30s- underscores the relevancy of Mr. Ziglar to all ages and his enduring appeal.



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