Watch A Free Chapter Of Ziglar Documentary!

Get a sneak peek at how Zig Ziglar changed his life from a failed salesman to a world renowned best-selling author and motivational speaker

Zig Ziglar identified the fundamentals to become successful in life. He created a “Stairway to the Top”, for which where there are 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Self-Esteem
  • Step 2: Building Relationships
  • Step 3: Goals
  • Step 4: Attitude
  • Step 5: Work (Free Chapter)
  • Step 6: Passion

“Zig: You Were Born To Win” explains each of these steps through the stories of extremely successful people who embraced Mr. Ziglar’s “Stairway to the Top.” In this free chapter, you will hear about the importance of self-esteem, which is “Step 01.” As Mr. Ziglar said, it does not matter where you start in life, it only matters where you end your journey.