Six Weeks to Significance

6 Weeks To Significance

I hope you are as fired up as I am for Tuesday, July 11th. At 7 PM Central on the 11th, my “Dream Team” at ZZI is going to take you on the first leg of a transformational journey. Over the course of six weeks -the same time every Tuesday night until August 15th- we will be holding live webinars on a range of topics designed to inject significance into your life.

We are in the process of setting up a Closed Facebook Group. We will be sending out an email with an invitation to the Group. The Group page is where we will host weekly webinars, as well as provide information and education over the span of the six week course. In the days leading up to each webinar, we will be emailing you material for you to reference, as you watch the course.

If you happen to miss the live webinar, you can return to the Closed Facebook Group Page, where the video of the course will be available to you to watch at your leisure.
Course Schedule:

July 11: Sell By Design with Edwin Britt

July 18: Sell By Design with Edwin Britt and Michael Ray Newman

July 25: Speak By Design. Use Your Voice to Earn Trust with Jeff Goldblatt

August 1: How to Tell Your Story in a Digital Age with Jeff Goldblatt

August 8: Lead By Design with Michael Ray Newman

August 15: Lead By Design with Michael Ray Newman

Here are your leaders for Six Weeks to Significance:

   You will learn about Leadership from Michael Ray Newman, President and CEO of  ZZI. Serial entrepreneur. Nationally renowned speaker.

  You will learn about how to Sell By Design from Edwin Britt, President of Sales of ZZI. Ziglar Legacy Platinum speaker. Nationally renowned sales trainer.

       You will earn about how to tell and sell your story in a digital age from Jeff Goldblatt, Director of Operations of ZZI. Former Fox News National Correspondent. 3-Time Emmy Award Winner.

Here’s to your significance…

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