Meet David

David Keeler is Senior Vice President of Business Development at IHC Specialty Benefits with 35+ years of industry experience, 10 of them as part of the IPA Family, a member company of the IHC Group, and is a certified black belt in Six Sigma. While attending college at night, Mr. Keeler started selling insurance straight out of high school and within a decade took a pivotal role in establishing Cornerstone Marketing, which was bringing in $400 million per year in annualized sales at the time he retired in 2004. That retirement would be short-lived. His good friend, renowned salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, would soon invite Mr. Keeler to join him at his organization as his Executive Vice President of Business Development, as well as, sharing the stage with him as a certified speaker and trainer serving individuals and companies across North America Mr. Ziglar’s mentorship prepared Mr. Keeler to help transform IPA Family from a small, privately owned company to a fully owned subsidiary of The IHC Group.

Mr. Keeler values authentic interpersonal connections and views trust and respect as the basis for successful partnerships. Due to his path through the industry, he understands the impact decisions have for those on the frontline and strives to conduct business with this in mind. In his current role with IHC Specialty Benefits, Mr. Keeler continues to seek and form business partnerships that will help all companies involved flourish and better serve consumers.