Edwin Britt

President of Sales & Marketing

Whether it be Madison Avenue or Madison, Wisconsin, Edwin Britt has criss crossed the country as the top performer for every sales organization he has represented during a highly decorated career. He has made sales presentations to a virtual Who’s Who of America’s leading brands including Coca Cola, Miller Brewing, The Walt Disney Company, Tommy Hilfiger and NAPA Auto Parts. He has represented product lines for Michael Jordan, NASCAR and the National Football League, appeared on national TV on QVC and HSN, and trained C-Suite executives at Fortune 500 firms.

As the President of Sales of Zig Ziglar International, Edwin returns to the roots of a brand which transformed his career three decades ago, when he heard Zig Ziglar for the first time. 30 years later, Edwin may be one of the most loyal and recognized students of Mr. Zig Ziglar.

Edwin credits Mr. Ziglar with creating a critical path of clearance in his life which took Edwin on a journey for a higher calling. The year was 2002, and Edwin travelled to Charlotte, North Carolina to hear Mr. Ziglar during Mr. Ziglar’s “Get Motivated” series. At that event, Edwin heard Mr. Ziglar tell the audience that “significance” -as opposed to “financial success”- represented the pinnacle of life.

Edwin was so moved by Mr. Ziglar’s words, that he pulled over on his drive home that night, and with tears streaming down his face, scribbled a “Self-Help Card” on an index card for his oldest daughter, Savannah. That night he put the card under her pillow. “I, Savannah, was born to win,” Edwin wrote for his daughter. “God and my family love me. I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I am special, valuable and always respectful. Today, I will do my best with an attitude of gratitude.” Edwin considers those 36 words, which were influenced by Mr. Ziglar, to be one of the most enduring and influential statements of his life.

Years later, Edwin actually got the opportunity to personally tell Mr. Ziglar the story about the creation of his “Self-Help Card,” and Mr. Ziglar subsequently recognized Edwin at a “Born to Win” event in Dallas, Texas as a “young man” who taught him an important, life lesson.

These days, when he is not with the ZZI team sharing Mr. Ziglar’s renowned T.R.U.S.T. Process in a “Sell By Design”course, Edwin can be found in the front of the room as one of the most sought after speakers of the Ziglar organization. Edwin has been a premier motivational and sales speaker since 2004, using his 30 years of selling expertise as a foundation to pass along lessons about living significantly. Edwin is a dedicated family man, who lives in Coastal North Carolina with his wife of 23 years. He is the proud father of 3 daughters, all of whom still carry his “Self-Help Card.”

“Our CEO hired Edwin right when we were experiencing record setting growth and business expansion…At first we all were skeptical and not looking forward to missing two days from our busy work. Edwin came in and quickly gained our attention and respect. He engaged us and was very impressive…I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and recommend Edwin to any company looking to strengthen their team and leadership skills!” Cee Edwards, President Markraft Cabinets