Michael Ray Newman

Michael Ray Newman

CEO Edge Global Inc.
Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Corporate Coach, Successful Entrepreneur

Meet Michael

Michael Ray’s energetic and enthusiastic approach to all areas of his life best defines how he handles tasks as a multimillion dollar CEO and serial entrepreneur. He has built, bought and sold companies across many different industries like Edge Global Inc, Zig Ziglar International, AuctionTrac and The Newman Group, just to name a few. He is an author, inventor, Fox News contributor and the Executive Producer of the Zig Ziglar Documentary Born to Win. He has been featured on TV and in publications like CBS News, FOX 4, CEO World and Entrepreneur Magazine..

His modest, upbringing started at the bottom and has led to the prestigious positions he holds today; making it easy for him to relate to corporate business and entrepreneurs alike.

With a challenging learning disability and his background in the business world, Michael Ray has established himself as a true inspiration to others. His relentless pursuits of building up his team and running smarter, more efficient operations, along with his out of the box ideology and turning those ideas into multi-million dollar companies, has put him on the map as a prominent entrepreneur.

Michael’s belief is “If you have a procedure based methodology for your team and you focus on continually building up your people, then you will succeed!” and success breeds confidence. This in turn encircles us with a positive ‘can do’ attitude that not only elevates our people and business, but our personal relationships as well.

Considered one of the most authentic and engaging motivational speakers in America today, Michael, despite his high profile accomplishments, connects with the audience in a manner that gives them true hope and a clear vision for their own potential. His fearless ‘never give up’ attitude, transparent enthusiasm, and time tested wisdom are the reasons that Michael Ray has become one of the most sought after coaches, trainers and keynote speakers today.

“People won’t always remember what you say…but they will always remember how you made them feel, so be nice!”