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When the cost of earning a client is more than double the client’s first order, it’s time for a company’s leadership to ask tough questions about its practices. It is common for a company to move from working as fast as possible to meet demand to standing still. Usually, these changes happen over time, but as is often the case, there’s no time to figure out what is wrong. The case was no different for a large health care organization. Leadership needed a fast, proven model that would cut to the heart of the customer service issue the organization was facing. However, this was not a sales problem. The sluggish sales were just a symptom of a systems breakdown that was partly due to the organization’s rapid expansion. But these couldn’t be blamed for sustained customer loyalty issues.

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Assuring Customer Loyalty

  • Introduction

    • Definition of a customer
    • Identifying the differences and significances of internal and external customers
    • Plus More…

  • Succeeding Through Communication

    • The role of listening
    • Communication: more than taking turns talking
    • Plus More…

  • Developing Customer Advocates

    • Understanding customer advocacy
    • Defining and identifying “moments of truth”
    • Plus More…

  • Proactive Solutions

    • Identifying the importance of the “customer value triad”
    • Understanding the six guidelines for improving customer satisfaction
    • Plus More…

  • Creating Customer Service Excellence

    • The importance of having a common mission and being on the same page
    • Defining customer expectations and finding ways to exceed them
    • Plus More…

  • Flow-Charts & Process Improvement

    • Learn how to eliminate up to 75% of no value
    • Add customer interactions by performing a Flow Analysis
    • Plus More…